Though we are almost reaching the end of the first month of the new year, I believe it is still not too late to for us to choose a theme for this year.

When I first read John Assaraf’s (co-author of “The Answer” – a must-read for all entrepreneurs) FB post on 30 Dec 2011 in regards to his personal & business themes for 2012, I thought it was a fantastic way to start the new year. It resonated so much better with me compared to that age-old New Year’s Resolutions hype that rears its head every year-end of which most lasted probably as long as it took for the New Year’s celebrations to wrap up.

Anyways, despite my excitement in wanting a theme to help create the flow I so needed this year, it took me awhile to settle on one that truly reverberates with where & who I am at this point in my life’s journey.

You see, so much has happened last year and those events are still unfolding even as I am writing this, that in the chaos of the inevitable changes, I was challenged to still my mind in order to allow that which I sought to present itself to me… Since that moment when I decided to take John’s advice to set a theme for this year, I had the distinct feeling that it was hovering at the edge of my consciousness but it eluded me for awhile. On hindsight, my theme for this year had been right there in front of me; I was simply too caught up in my struggles to adapt to the new situations that had risen in almost all areas of my life to the point where I was totally blinded to it.

So anyhow, through the power of intention & purpose, I was blessed with an awakening and all of a sudden, there it was… my personal theme for this year is balance through consciousness & purpose. This means that I will put in more effort into developing self-knowledge & into the practice of mindful living to ensure that every action I take is with full awareness and in alignment the objectives I have set for myself. Amazingly, after my theme had introduced itself to me, my business theme made an appearance too, as though by magic or maybe at the invitation of my awareness. Thus, action & contribution took root as my business theme for 2012. This represents the need for my team and I to consistently be in action and those actions we take must always have their intent based on contributing to the benefit of the largest number of people.

So for those who have yet to choose a theme for their personal life and/or business for this year, I invite you to engage in this liberating activity. You will be more than pleasantly surprised at how much clarity you will gain by the process.


Till the next time, always with Metta…