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For all the ladies out there,

Come check out this new website,

Structured like a story, this website invites you to follow Maya’s  life journey as she seeks for this elusive City of Vera (aka. the City of Higher Truth). Along the Maya will learn more about herself – the inner light being that she is. There are lessons to be learnt, activities to engage and countless other personal growth resources that will interest all of us who are on our own journey.

If you have guessed it, yes you are right; A Blessed Expedition IS an expansion of Blessedly Woman. But fret not, Blessedly Woman will still be active. Though both may seem similar especially in the types of topics being presented, i.e. personal development, they are quite different in their structure and to some extent, their contents.

It’ll be more accurate to say that they complement each other and not for one to be a replacement of the other.

I hope that you will enjoy reading Maya’s story as I did writing it…. Just make sure you check in daily as her story will be built chapter by chapter each day.

Always with Metta 🙂


Up Next: Synchronicity

For the next Personal Development Tip, I will be discussing the magic of Synchronicity.

If you want to know more on how to effectively harness the blessed energy of this mystical but real concept, do stay tuned!

With Metta…

Support Social Causes

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As this site was created in support & in honour of women, I have added links to some social organisations & groups which are in alignment with my purpose. Check out their websites & learn more of what they do.

Let’s give them our support by contributing in whatever manner possible. In the wise words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 – 1882)

“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

Over time, I will be also sharing links to commercial organisations that resonate with my desire & further my intention to empower women in manifesting a life filled with love, joy & abundance.

What better way to express our gratitude for all of Life’s blessings, right?

So come let us kickstart 2012’s Valentine’s Day in advance & give love & light to those in need!

Always with Metta…

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