Forces of Nature by Marc Adamus

In these last few hours of 2011, it seems appropriate to acknowledge that it was in this year of exciting changes and at times, pretty frightening challenges, I finally had the courage to take that first difficult step to look deep within myself in order to seek the me I was born to be.

This year, I have recognised the acute feelings of loss, confusion and uncertainties. This year, I have learnt lessons in patience, unconditional loving & unwavering faith in myself and all of humankind.

This year, I began to value the blessings behind every difficulties and this year, I made a choice to embrace myself fully – flaws, strengths & everything else in between.

The road has only begun and though I am sure that there will be more lessons to be learnt, more mountains to climb and more scary moments to face, I am profoundly grateful to simply be alive; I am humbled by the beauty I find all around me; I am honoured to love and be loved by the people in my life – old & new, family & friends. After all, life is a never-ending education for all of us.

Though it was this year when I found myself back in the singles category, with a twist – this time, it is not simply “single”, it is “single mother” – with a lot more challenges on the personal & professional fronts, it was also the year where I was pushed to face the hard truth of who I truly am. On this path, I am learning the meaning of being a woman; something which most, if not all, of us take for granted to the point where we are abusing ourselves without thought just by simply being unaware of our true purpose and the gift of womanhood that has been bestowed on us.

We have allowed the prevalent attitude of these modern times to dictate the way we live; to chart the course of actions we take towards ourselves, our loved ones and the world in general.

So it is befitting the moment, for us to stop, take stock of our internal world so as to make the external one a more peaceful, joyous and loving experience despite the difficulties. This is the time to awaken.  This is the time start living…

In case many of us forget or in times when we do lose the bigger picture, I leave you the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Neibuhr to help bring us back on track:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

With Metta Always…